• Michael Todd III Special Edition Violin


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    This "Special Edition" Michael Todd III came out of a desire to combine the best of both our Michael Todd and Soloist violins - and the results are outstanding. The woods are over 7 years old, and beauty of the one-piece back also contributes to this great balance of power and richness. Our play testing violinist loves this one! This is a single violin - so don't wait, but if you love it as much as we do, it might become the new standard.  

    Brand new review:

    Strong and Rich Tone

    Excellent balance, Very clear higher register

    Smooth, powerful

    Great Resonance


    The Michael Todd III is perfect for music of the Classical period such as Haydn and Mozart, as well as virtuosic concertos, and has great warmth throughout each register.  A full, open and robust tone with excellent resonance.  A very dark G and D string, with lyrical A and E.

    Available with ebony fittings of the highest quality. 

    Aubert Mirecourt bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, aged European spruce and maple of the highest quality, antiqued varnish. Each instrument setup for optimal tone with the StringWorks Setup using any of the following strings: Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, Tonica, Obligato, Zyex.

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    Trade-In Policy: StringWorks continues to feature the greatest trade-in policy in the industry.  Your first trade-in, to a higher level instrument of the same type (violin to violin, etc) is 100% credit of the purchase price.  Subsequent trade-ups are 80%!  Certain restrictions apply, and instrument must be in as-new condition for full credit.  Repairs and reconditioning charges may be subtracted from your credit applied

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