• Pre-Owned Michael Todd II Violin


  • $1,500.00 USD Compare at: $2,000.00 USD

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  • Description (Free 14 Day In-Home Trial)

    Here's an opportunity to purchase our Michael Todd II violin - hand made in Romania - with the advantage of being pre-broken-in, giving the instrument a boost in maturity and complexity, and doing several years of hard playing-in work for you!  (Sarah approves!).  

    Call us to reserve the next Michael Todd II we receive - look forward to matching one of our trade-ins and consignments to you.  920-830-0928

      **Give us a call and take the violin home for a free 14-day in home trial, while you still can! 
    • Pre-Owned Michael Todd II Violin
    • Pre-Owned Michael Todd II Violin

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