• Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Violin #28


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    While we haven't had many new instruments from Man Claudiu lately, we're always happy for the very rare occasion to sell the pre-owned ones, as they have the advantage of being played in, further maturing in tone.  

    This Man Claudiu, made in 2008, has an absolutely gorgeous set of wood, both front and back.  On back, you can see the extremely beautiful flaming, as he used a most highly-figured set of maple.  On the top, the spruce has more figure than we typically see, and the grain is very tight, opening out toward the edges.  Setup with rosewood fittings.

    Tonal review:

    Warm G,D Neutral A,E
    Angular sound on A & E
    Medium loud to loud volume
    Med mellow on G&D
    Smooth, clear, dense sound
    Full open lyrical sound
    Good resonance
    Very good power & projection
    Very good soloistic qualities
    Plays easily, not forgiving, speaks well

  • Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Violin #28
  • Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Violin #28

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