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    This violin from 2007 was expertly cared for and its sound confirms that!  Its player simply needed a 7/8 size instrument, so you now have the opportunity to own one of these instruments.  It is made from solid, hand carved European woods of the highest quality and expertly applied oil varnish antiqued to replicate aged master musical instruments.  Our Kallo Bartok violin was made in our Hungarian workshop by three master makers - truly the first violin of such tremendous tonal and aesthetic quality to also be affordable.

    The tone of the Kallo Bartok violin is nothing short of equal to the beauty of the instrument itself. With magnificent resonance throughout the registers, a brilliant upper register and deep, rich lower register, this musical instrument is truly for the consummate violinist looking for an instrument that is a visual and tonal masterpiece.

    Ebony fittings of the highest quality, with a Wittner tailpiece. 

    Aubert Mirecourt bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, aged European spruce and maple of the highest quality, antiqued oil varnish. The violin was recently setup for optimal tone with Dominant strings, but we can change upon request.  


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