StringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition Cello

$2,795 USD Compare at$3,195 USD


One of the BEST Virtuoso cellos we've had, reserved and upgraded for Special Edition status! Setup like a Maestro Special Edition, you get the depth and richness of a Maestro, but the robust projection behind our Virtuoso - and plenty of WOW factor with that incredibly figured maple back! 

This cello did find its home, but let us know if you want to reserve the next Virtuoso SE via chat or

"My virtuoso cello is exquisite! It is truly more beautiful than I expected. It is an instrument with touches of elegance that are proof of its high quality workmanship. The pictures on your website are very helpful but cannot show the glow of the cello's gorgeous finish. The greatest test was the tonal quality. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard my cello produce the same deep rich tones like you have sampled on your website for the Artist cello. My virtuoso met my every expectation! We are a perfect match!! Thank you so much for helping make my dream come true." - L.W.

From one of our favorite new workshops, the Virtuoso gives the cellist a rich and mature tone that is characterized by great warmth - truly the best Virtuoso we've ever had. The maple is highly figured and the fittings of the highest quality ebony or boxwood, and comes with the StringWorks Setup Solid, carved spruce top and solid, carved maple back and sides, ebony fingerboard, Despiau "B" Bridge, Larsen AD and Helicore GC strings, Wittner composite tailpiece with built-in tuners, and hollow carbon fiber New Harmony endpin. Lightly antiqued varnish.  Montagnana model.

Which to choose? Most cellists who come to us are comparing Artist, Virtuoso, and Maestro, and the advice we give them (after asking their musical aspirations, previous experience, and budget) is that if you are looking for an instrument that will work well for a beginner/intermediate player, and have a budget constraint, choose Artist, as it is capable and always exceeds expectations.  However, the Virtuoso is a pretty significant jump in appearance, quality, and tone, so it's well worth consideration if the budget allows for it.  With the Virtuoso, you'll see beautifully flamed maple, tightly grained spruce that is straight, and evenly spaced, when compared to the Artist.  Higher quality woods, beautifully and tastefully antiqued varnish, and a tone that is powerful, rich, and round - significantly more expressive than its Artist counterpart.  If you want tonal and physical beauty in your cello, choose Virtuoso over Artist.  If you want to upgrade even further with gorgeously flamed maple and a richness and enveloping tone, choose Maestro

OUTFIT DISCOUNT!  If you purchase an instrument, case, and bow, use discount code OUTFIT to receive $20.00 off your order!

Trade-In Policy: StringWorks continues to feature the greatest trade-in policy in the industry.  Your first trade-in, to a higher level instrument of the same type (violin to violin, etc) is 100% credit of the purchase price.  Subsequent trade-ups are 80%!  Certain restrictions apply, and instrument must be in as-new condition for full credit.  Repairs and reconditioning charges may be subtracted from your credit applied


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