5 String Maestro Violin

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LIMITED EDITION!  A rare opportunity for a 5-string Maestro violin, now lowered $100.  

One of the most popular violins available today for the advanced violinist or adult amateur, the Maestro violin features some of the most beautiful figured woods and a rich oil varnish that is tastefully antiqued. The tone of these violins is rich, resonant and full, with deep bass registers and a strong and vibrant upper register. Suitable for the most discriminating violinist, these instruments provide the visual beauty that is surpassed only by the rich tonal colors and depth of sound. Includes Wittner FineTune pegs.  Exclusively at StringWorks! Remember, there are many instrument brands now available with the 'Maestro' name, but there is only one StringWorks Maestro - the original and still the best!

"We truly love the Maestro violin that we purchased from StringWorks. It's a tremendous joy to hear our son play an instrument of such high quality and it has such a remarkably beautiful appearance. He is very proud of his fine instrument and the CodaBow is really outstanding, too. His teacher was also delighted with this violin and couldn't put it down. It has a powerful, yet warm tone that is really impressive. We couldn't be happier with our choice and would recommend StringWorks to anyone interested in getting an excellent instrument and a great value." - B.H.

We have greatly improved our Maestro violin over the years, and the current version is by far the finest yet! Higher quality woods, expertly hand applied varnish, top quality ebony fingerboard, and a setup equal to that used on our Michael Todd instruments - the StringWorks Setup..

Solid, hand carved maple back and sides, solid hand carved aged spruce top, hand applied supple oil varnish, slightly antiqued. Stradivari model faithfully followed, with exacting graduation of the top and bottom plates for optimum tone and playability. Genuine ebony fingerboard, Aubert Mirecourt bridge, Gold label E string, Thomastik Dominant strings on A-G, Helicore C. Fitted with ebony fittings.

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