• Guarneri Model Violin by David Frederick, Atlanta


  • $8,000.00 USD Compare at: $12,000.00 USD

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  • Description (Free 14 Day In-Home Trial)

    If you are interested in a violin by Frederick, please let us know.  We can arrange a trial for you.  Simply email us, look forward to helping you try his great violins!

    Violinists around the world are fascinated with the violins of Giuseppe Guarneri "Del Gesu", with their unique f-hole design, overall shape, and boldly carved scrolls adding to the mystique of the tone they produce.

    David was able to find woods that nearly perfectly match that of the original, which is a model from 1741, and this instrument is incredibly striking visually and tonally. It is the perfect violin for the budding professional violinist, wanting a violin that will continue to improve for as many years as he/she plays it, and many more.  

    David's instruments now sell for quite a bit more than our asking price - we have lowered this one to $6,000 to get it in the hands of someone who will play it.  If it does not sell this summer, it will be going to auction - so let us know if you are or have been interested.  Best reasonable offer will be considered!  

    Tonally, this violin exhibits outstanding warmth on the lower strings in particular, with a rich, clean yet dense tone throughout. It is highlighted by excellent solo qualities with tremendous complexity, and the power and projection is very good. The violin speaks well and is forgiving to play. [Edmund's notes]


    -Velvety texture, yet still has clarity - on a table of violins played blind, this is the one that stood out to her!  

    -Great dynamic response

    -Produces a full, round tone with seemingly any bow weight and speed!

    -Resonant bass


    -Good dynamic and tonal capabilities

    - M

    ature and "robust" sound, with lots of warmth and dark undertones



    -Easy to play and quite forgiving 

    [Sarah's new notes]
  • David Frederick violin
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