Pre-Owned Kallo Bartok Cello, #340

$5,000 USD Compare at$8,000 USD

It is rare to receive Kallo Bartok cellos on consignment, as the owners love them so very much, and even more so in this case as it's a 10th Anniversary Bartok! It is very difficult to find wood of this quality now, especially below $10,000. A beautiful masterpiece available again for you!  In pristine condition.  

This Kallo Bartok cello, #340, has a rich, warm tone, particularly in the lower register, with very complex tonal colors. Very singing quality and effortless projection even at piano volumes, reflecting the years of playing and opening up. Projects well without any loss of warmth, and the upper strings have a nice raw, gamba quality to them, but overall a more intimate kind of sound.

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