Pre-Owned 1/2 Artist Cello 2015 #3066

$1,495 USD Compare at$1,995 USD

A recent trade just arrived!  Great rich mahogany varnish with a round, warm sound - and very easy to play.  The sound is not "stuck" inside the cello like many other 1/2 cellos might be described.  Why rent when your child can play this, and have 100% trade towards the 3/4 when ready?  Sounds better than new 1/2 Crescendo, and will make a full outfit (with StringWorks bow, bag, and rosin) for $50. Moderate amount of varnish nicks and scratches, so no reason to worry about your little one keeping it in perfect condition ;)

Solid carved, highly flamed maple back, sides, and neck, solid carved medium grain Himalayan spruce top, lightly antiqued varnish, solid highest quality ebony fittings, inlaid purfling, Larsen AD and D'Addario Helicore GC strings, ebony fittings. Meets or exceeds all MENC specifications, and comes with the StringWorks Setup.  

Which to choose? Many ask the difference between Artist, Virtuoso, and Maestro cellos, and essentially each is designed expressly to be superior to the line(s) before it, in construction and tonal quality.  The Artist is a fantastic beginner's instrument, for a beginner who is looking for a cello that is easy to play, but also has a rich tone (which is why most choose cello in the first place!).  We use the highest quality fittings and strings we can, to create an instrument that proves to be a value in the market, priced well under anything similar.  (The StringWorks Setup helps even more so in this regard).  Our StringWorks Artist cello also has a long waitlist for preowned instruments, so it is a smart purchase when considering our generous trade-in policy, as 100% of your purchase price is protected, as an investment.  Choose the Artist if you are a beginning-intermediate cellist  but still want an instrument that can produce a beautiful sound.  If you want a more highly figured, more tonally capable instrument, take a look at Virtuoso or Maestro.

OUTFIT DISCOUNT!  If you purchase an instrument, case, and bow, use discount code OUTFIT to receive $20.00 off your order!

Trade-In Policy: StringWorks continues to feature the greatest trade-in policy in the industry.  Your first trade-in, to a higher level instrument of the same type (violin to violin, etc) is 100% credit of the purchase price.  Subsequent trade-ups are 80%!  Certain restrictions apply, and instrument must be in as-new condition for full credit.  Repairs and reconditioning charges may be subtracted from your credit applied

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