Pre-Owned Kallo Bartok Cello, #169 Outfit

$7,500 USD Compare at$10,000 USD

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When a cello sounds this good and is so rewarding in 4th position, you KNOW it's an incredible instrument! From the "Golden Era" of our original Hungarian Bartok workshop, 2003.  

It is rare to receive Kallo Bartok cellos on consignment, as the owners love them so very much!  It is very difficult to find wood of this quality now, especially below $10,000. We love the varnish and look forwarding to sharing this beautiful masterpiece with you!  In great condition, and a great example of the beautiful work of our original Hungarian workshop.  Newly adjusted for better than "like new" playability and performance - pegs tune like butter.  Setup with Bois d'Harmonie tailpiece, New Harmony endpins, Larsen/Spirocore strings or Il Cannone "Focused and Direct" or player's choice.  

  • Like a well aged tenor, baritone!
  • Beautiful, thick tone
  • Vast, ringing, wide resonance
  • Velvet transitions and response
  • Limitless response and nuance
  • No "boom" just broken in power and gorgeous tone


Includes rehaired bow and black fiberglass case

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