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Players helping players sound their best.

At StringWorks, we believe that every player should have access to the highest quality professional instrument setup - the StringWorks Setup - and the highest quality instruments at their level of performance.  A family-run business founded in Wisconsin and now headquartered in Geneva, Illinois, we are confident that other companies simply can't compete on instrument quality and value.

We focus only on violins, violas, cellos, bows, and cases, not be distracted by the 1000s of strings, stands, music, and new gadgets and gizmos. We don't haggle, preferring straightforward pricing that always provides tremendous value for comparable products on the market.  We don't and never will pay teacher commissions, known as ‘kickbacks’, because we feel it is unfair to the students, to whom full disclosure is not always given. We don't inflate prices to allow for absurd amounts of rental credit, "free shipping," or other misleading incentives.  Simply the best quality instruments, always fully carved, professionally setup, and tested by players just like you.  The people you communicate with at StringWorks are experienced with stringed instruments, each have been playing their instrument for an average of 24+ years, and we look forward to welcoming you into the StringWorks family.

StringWorks Showroom

StringWorks was the first to sell musical instruments of any kind on the web!  Back in 1996, when the first website was launched for StringWorks, it was more of a lark - an experiment - to see what this 'new' thing called the internet could do!  StringWorks began with the same goal that guides us today: providing the highest quality instruments for rental and purchase. When our founder found that no instrument lines fulfilled all his high criteria - exceptional sound, high quality workmanship, uniqueness of appearance, specifications meeting or exceeding those set by MENC, ease of playing, and lastly, affordability; we decided we had to design them ourselves.

The current StringWorks instrument lines, now expanded to cover all playing levels from advanced student to consummate professional, are the result of years of research & development, and we are so confident in their superior quality that we offer a guarantee that you will not find a better instrument at a better price anywhere. We also offer a guarantee for workmanship for the useable life on all our instruments. See our Comments page to hear what our customers have been saying about our instruments. 




Todd French, President

Evan Lowery, Vice President

Linda Warning, Accounts Manager


David Tomaino, Head Luthier


Jacob Bedroske, Staff

Leslie Unger, Luthier

Sarah Koenigs, Resident Violin Expert