About Us

StringWorks began with the goal of providing the highest quality instruments for rental and purchase. When our founder searched for the best available instruments for this purpose, he found that no instrument lines currently available fulfilled all his high criteria - exceptional sound, high quality workmanship, uniqueness of appearance, specifications meeting or exceeding those set by MENC, ease of playing, and lastly, affordability. Together, we decided that in order to assure that we could supply these instruments to our customers, we had to design them ourselves.

The current StringWorks instrument lines, now expanded to cover all playing levels from advanced student to consummate professional, are the result of over 5 years of research and development, and we are so confident in their superior quality that we offer a guarantee that you will not find a better instrument at a better price anywhere. We also offer a guarantee for workmanship for the useable life on all our instruments. See our Comments page to hear what our customers have been saying about our instruments.

StringWorks incorporated in 1997 to concentrate on the development of the instrument lines and programs within. StringWorks, Inc. is a family owned and operated company with offices in Wisconsin.

At StringWorks, we do not sell accessories such as strings, music stands, and shoulder rests as we prefer to concentrate our efforts entirely on the continuing improvement of our instruments to assure our customers that they are purchasing the finest instruments with the most comprehensive guarantee and customer service available worldwide. If you are looking for instrument accessories, please feel free to contact us for our recommendations on where best to purchase them.




Todd French, President

Evan Lowery, Vice President

Linda Warning, Accounts Manager


David Tomaino, Head Luthier


Jacob Bedroske, Staff

Harry Ballard, Luthier

Sarah Koenigs, Resident Violin Expert