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  • Playing Around

    If you haven’t yet, watch the utterly compelling film “Song of Lahore.”  You’ll have to hunt a bit for it, as it’s a fairly small documentary by the Pakistani Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obeid-Chinoy.  In it, she tells the fascinating, painful story of the death and rebirth of western music in Pakistan.  Once upon a time, there were symphony orchestras in Pakistan and excellent musicians who knew how to play western instruments.  Dave Brubeck even visited in 1968 and dazzled Lahore.  Pakistanis went crazy for “Take Five.”  Everyone played it and all types kinds of music for that matter; traditional, western,...

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  • How do I choose the right violin, viola, or cello for me?

    Choosing the right stringed instrument is, understandably, a daunting task for most musicians - particularly those who are relatively new to the instrument.  Think of it less as a task, though, and more as an opportunity!  The instrument(s) you choose in your musical journey are very much a part of your own musical experience, and as the instruments change, and as your playing changes, you will find that it is a deeper relationship than you would have anticipated, as the instrument is your performance tool.   "Wait a minute!  You just made me MORE confused about the search!"    ...

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