Virtuoso ViolinVirtuoso Violin

Virtuoso Violin

$895 USD
Compare at $1,095 USD
Maestro ViolinMaestro Violin

Maestro Violin

$1,095 USD
Compare at $1,495 USD
Soloist III ViolinSoloist III Violin

Soloist III Violin

$1,495 USD
Compare at $1,895 USD

What Makes a Good Violin for Intermediate Players?

A good violin for a player at any level is one that speaks to you and matches your playing style and preferences. It should feel natural and easy to play, while offering an expressive tonal range. For intermediate violinists, an entry level violin might not make the best sense. If you’re a growing player, you may physically outgrow your instrument but require a higher level of complexity and resonance than our Crescendo and Artist have to offer to continue developing your skills. We have intermediate fractional violins for those younger violinists. 4/4 have the same concerns regarding musicality and potential and have a better sense of what they want to sound like. An intermediate violin rewards that commitment and allows you to select the violin you will grow into for years to come.  An intermediate violin like our Virtuoso violin, Maestro violin, and Soloist violin will help you achieve that sound you dream about. At StringWorks, we'll act as a matchmaker to find an instrument that is in line with your musical plans and helps you continue to develop and grow as a musician.

Our line of intermediate violins offers advancing musicians instruments that are made from more aged, select wood highlighted by beautiful oil or spirit varnish. These violins are impressive yet easy to play, and they deliver exceptional performance in all categories. 

Why Choose StringWorks?

StringWorks is a small, family-owned violin shop with a strong online presence that allows us to offer the best intermediate violins for sale to musicians nationwide. Some players live in areas without true violin shops, and the local music store or guitar store just doesn’t have the expertise or instruments to meet the demands of an advancing player. Others live in cities where nicer violins are overpriced or only sold in intimidating or unfriendly shops, perhaps with teacher kickbacks. We're dedicated to ensuring every customer we serve is matched with an instrument they'll love playing for years to come, alongside a no pressure friendly, cheerleading team. With our comprehensive lifetime guarantee and personalized shopping experience, you'll feel comfortable and confident with your purchase.

Expert Advice

The StringWorks team is made up of string players who want to help other musicians sound their best. We have seen so many players who are held back by their instrument, and oftentimes we don’t realize it as a player. Playing on a StringWorks instrument allows you to hear how great you really sound! When you contact us, you'll connect with an expert who can provide any advice or guidance you may need. We understand how important this decision is, and are happy to chat online or talk for as long as you need - we do this all the time for our customers, and we love it! We'll help you determine what exactly you’re looking for in that next violin and act as your personal shoppers, finding the perfect instrument based on your input and descriptions.

The StringWorks Setup™

Our luthiers spend three to five hours ensuring your instrument is set up perfectly so it’s easy to play and produces beautiful tone and resonance. Your instrument should be setup with this kind of performance so you can focus on building your musical growth. Your instrument will never leave our shop until we're 100% satisfied with the setup and performance.

Outfit Discount

Pair your new intermediate violin with a perfectly matched bow and case that meet your needs to create an outfit that performs better than the sum of its parts. If you already have a bow, save it as a backup and get a nicer pernambuco or carbon fiber bow.  Use the code OUTFIT to receive $20 off your purchase.

Buy the Perfect Intermediate Violin

Browse our online catalog to explore our collection of intermediate violins and find the perfect instrument. We have our online showroom, but we want to be with you every step of the way; we know it’s a special musical moment, and it’s not exactly a “window shopping” purchase. Many violins look alike online, but we can assure you it’s never an apples to apples comparison. If you're ready to take that next step, get in touch with our team to hear what we’re most excited about lately, let out expertise guide you in finding the perfect fit. We also offer collections of beginner violins and professional violins for musicians of every different age and skill level.

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