StringWorks Virtuoso CelloStringWorks Virtuoso Cello

StringWorks Virtuoso Cello

$2,595 USD
Compare at $3,195 USD
StringWorks Maestro CelloStringWorks Maestro Cello

StringWorks Maestro Cello

$2,895 USD
Compare at $3,800 USD
StringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition CelloStringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition Cello

StringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition Cello

$2,895 USD
Compare at $3,195 USD
Soloist III CelloSoloist III Cello

Soloist III Cello

$3,295 USD
Compare at $4,295 USD
Special Edition Maestro CelloSpecial Edition Maestro Cello

Special Edition Maestro Cello

$3,395 USD
Compare at $4,300 USD

What Makes a Good Cello for Intermediate Players?

Your intermediate cello will be the instrument you play for many years, or decades. It's often a good idea to choose a cello that's ahead of your current skill set so that you can keep learning together for years to come. You will really connect and learn to anticipate each other, shifting will be seamless, and your intonation will get better and better, intuitively and subconsciously. Your ideal intermediate cello will become your partner in this next chapter.  

Good cellos at any level feature expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials, with careful, individualized setup that allows the instrument to achieve its maximum potential for tone and playability. Our collection of intermediate and advanced cellos is made by hand in our workshops around the world. We personally select the cello that most closely matches your wants and needs, so you’re getting the best examples from workshops that already far exceed the industry norm. Then, our team will complete a thorough setup to ensure you get the best experience possible from your new instrument.  Our Virtuoso, Maestro, and Soloist offer more at each extreme, with greater complexity and resonance across the whole range.  The lows are deeper, richer, and wider; the highs are more singing and more sparkly, with greater intensity and maturity of tone.  Every note is denser, with instant response and a nuance to the tone that allows you to tailor the softest pianissimo, or explode a rolling chord with virtuosic intensity.  

Why Choose StringWorks?

With our many decades of cello expertise in performing and construction, our primary goal is to offer you exceptional customer care through total transparency and effective communication. Our team will carefully consider your requirements and give you expert advice to help determine which intermediate cello will best suit your needs. Then, we'll act as your personal shopper and locate the instrument that most exactly meets your specifications. We realize a cello like this is a huge investment, so we take that responsibility very seriously, and share in your excitement. 

Once we've found the right cello for you, we'll confirm every detail of the StringWorks Setup™ process.  We know the setup of your instrument can make or break its performance. While other cello shops spend about an hour making adjustments to instruments if at all, our luthiers spend four to six hours with each cello to ensure it reaches its maximum potential and exceeds your expectations. Nothing leaves our shop until we are 100% satisfied with the results.

When you buy an advanced cello, you may also need a new bow worthy of your instrument and case. We can help you select a great pernambuco or carbon fiber bow to match your cello and create a complete outfit. Contact us for your outfit discount

Find the Perfect Intermediate Cello for Sale

The StringWorks team will make your search for an intermediate cello rewarding and inspiring. We look forward to the opportunity to help you find an amazing cello you will love! Get started by browsing our collection online or calling the shop. We offer outstanding instruments for musicians at every skill level, including beginner cellos and professional cellos.

For more information, you can fill out our online contact form, give us a call or start a chat from any page of our website to share your story. 

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