StringWorks Crescendo CelloStringWorks Crescendo Cello

StringWorks Crescendo Cello

$1,495 USD
Compare at $1,595 USD
StringWorks Artist CelloStringWorks Artist Cello

StringWorks Artist Cello

$1,695 USD
Compare at $1,895 USD
Artist Cello, For the Baroque LoverArtist Cello, For the Baroque Lover

Artist Cello, For the Baroque Lover

$1,775 USD
Compare at $1,995 USD
StringWorks Virtuoso CelloStringWorks Virtuoso Cello

StringWorks Virtuoso Cello

$2,595 USD
Compare at $3,195 USD

What Makes a Good Beginner Cello?

A good-quality beginner cello is worth every penny you spend on it because it allows you to produce a quality tone and fall in love with playing. It is literally impossible to make some beginner cellos sound decent, as their steel strings are closer to guitar strings than a cello string, and the bridge/soundpost are essentially unfitted. The tailpiece and endpin dampen the cello, and the fingerboard/pegs are painted maple.  Our beginning instruments start at $1,395 and are fully carved, with real ebony, and high quality fittings/strings...and, of course, setup to the highest standards! Even open strings will sound good, and you’ll progress more quickly than you ever imagined! The more you enjoy your instrument, the more you'll practice, learn and grow as a musician.

When you're starting out, the best cello will feel comfortable, be easy to play, and offer a full, balanced tone. Your beginner cello should be made from solid carved wood, and high-quality materials that help you pull a beautiful sound. If you're wondering what to look for, it’s OK to start online, but it’s better to reach out to other cellists or find an instructor for help identifying a good beginner cello. Everything should “work,” which might sound obvious and a given, but that’s not always the case.  We don’t skimp or settle on any aspects of the setup on beginner cellos, where they are even more important since many beginners don’t have the technique that a more advanced player might have, allowing them to compensate.  

The pegs must fit so they hold their tune and you can change strings when necessary; similarly, the fine tuners must turn smoothly. Your endpin should hold its position, but not weigh too much. The bridge should be perfectly fit to your cello, not be too thick or thin, and have proper curvature on top. This is vital as you’re developing the right-hand bow technique.  If it’s too flat or too round, string crossings will be very difficult, or it will be hard to avoid hitting two strings. Additionally, the height of the bridge and nut, as well as the shape of the fingerboard, should be in line to allow ease of playability - not so high that your fingers must work too hard to press the string down, but not so low that your strings will buzz against the fingerboard.  When you consider all of the “breathing” that the larger cello will undergo, this is a very fine line to balance.  Again, most beginners would never know to blame a cello and will just get frustrated. This is why having a quality beginner cello from StringWorks is so important.   

Our team at StringWorks will gladly help advise you and select the cello that best meets your budget and goals. We offer a range of impressive beginner cellos that will make your playing fruitful. Plus, with our 14-day in-home trial periods, you can be sure the instrument is the best fit for your needs.

Why Choose StringWorks?

StringWorks is a family-owned business that's been helping musicians like you purchase beginner cellos for more than two decades. We have seen or even played the cheap plywood cellos, and are dedicated to educating and enabling beginners to have a proper cello. When we get to work finding a beginner cello for you or your cellist, we'll guide you through the process with the same care and attention we'd dedicate to finding one for someone looking for a $10,000 cello. Here are some of the ways StringWorks goes above and beyond for our customers:

Expert advice: Our team has an average of over 25 years of experience with string instruments. We'll discuss your expectations and work with you every step of the way to ensure your new cello exceeds them.

The StringWorks Setup™: Setup is one of the most critical factors that determine how an instrument performs, and the industry standard is to spend about an hour with each instrument. With StringWorks Setup™, we spend five to seven hours fine-tuning your cello.

Outfit discount: Pair your new cello with a bow and case to complete your outfit, and we'll give you a $20 discount off your total, using the code OUTFIT.

Our individualized approach to finding the perfect instrument for each customer is what sets us apart from any other online cello shop, and many local shops as well. We'll act as your personal shopper and make sure you buy a beginner cello that meets your unique needs.

Find Your First Cello

At StringWorks, our inventory includes beginner cellos, intermediate cellos and professional cellos in various sizes. Browse our available cellos to get some ideas about your preferences. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team and we'll do our best to guide you.

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