Instrument Outfits

Many shops create pre-configured 'kits' or outfits, often with slow-selling inventory, or bows that might not perfectly match with the individual instrument selected.  We at StringWorks believe in a much better approach: allow the customer to choose his or her own outfit, based on budget, preferences, and skill level, then offer an outfit discount!

Once you've selected your violin, viola, or cello (feel free to contact us by phone, chat, or email anytime - we specialize in helping guide people to the perfect selection), choose a bow based on your budget and playing style, or use this guide to help you.  

Next comes the case, and this is where the 'kitted' outfits simply make little sense to us, in our decades of experience.  Choosing a case has many factors, including budget, but more importantly, usage needs.  Do you plan to play your instrument mostly at home, taking it out of the house infrequently?  Do you have large dogs or small children in the house?  Do you need it to be lightweight?  Does it need wheels?  Straps?  All these factors contribute to which case you will need to select to fit your budget, and we typically suggest our customers spend as little as they can of their budget on the case, but as much as they NEED to for their specific requirements to protect their violin, viola, or cello and its bow (or bows).

Of course, once you have selected an instrument, case, and bow (must be all three for the outfit discount to be applicable), you can receive an outfit discount.  Using the following codes will get you discounts on your perfect instrument outfit.

     Violins and Violas up to $2000 - OUTFIT for $20 off
     Violins and Violas over $2000 - PROVIOLINOUTFIT for $40 off
     Cellos up to $2,400 - CELLOOUTFIT for $40 off
     Cellos over $2400 - PROCELLOOUTFIT for $60 off


StringWorks Cello Outfit