Crescendo ViolinCrescendo Violin

Crescendo Violin

$495 USD
Compare at $600 USD
Artist ViolinArtist Violin

Artist Violin

$595 USD
Compare at $790 USD
Virtuoso ViolinVirtuoso Violin

Virtuoso Violin

$895 USD
Compare at $1,095 USD
Maestro ViolinMaestro Violin

Maestro Violin

$1,095 USD
Compare at $1,495 USD
NS Electric Violin

NS Electric Violin

$1,269 USD
Compare at $1,679 USD
Soloist III ViolinSoloist III Violin

Soloist III Violin

$1,495 USD
Compare at $1,895 USD
Michael Todd III ViolinMichael Todd III Violin

Michael Todd III Violin

$2,200 USD
Compare at $2,900 USD
Michael Todd III Violin, Special EditionMichael Todd III Violin, Special Edition

Michael Todd III Violin, Special Edition

$2,500 USD
Compare at $3,400 USD
Michael Todd III European Special Edition ViolinMichael Todd III European Special Edition Violin

Michael Todd III European Special Edition Violin

$2,750 USD
Compare at $3,800 USD
Kallo Bartok Violin, European MadeKallo Bartok Violin, European Made

Kallo Bartok Violin, European Made

$3,900 USD
Compare at $5,000 USD
Man Claudiu ViolinMan Claudiu Violin

Man Claudiu Violin

$10,000 USD
Compare at $15,000 USD

Our Violins for Sale

The StringWorks online violin store features some of the finest bowed stringed instruments available at all levels. There are even fractional violins down to 1/32 if your baby wants to get a head start! We have violins that are perfect if you just want to play at home, working on your favorite pieces or playing the melodies from a favorite song or movie. For those who prefer chamber music with friends or playing in symphonies or at church, we have the instruments and expertise for you to blend beautifully. We also have truly impressive and show stopping violins if you are studying music in college or practicing for that important audition! Browse our inventory to purchase high-quality violins for sale, including:

· Artist: The Artist is an affordable instrument with a clear upper register and full low end that is perfect for new players, easy to play and rewarding. An incredible step up from the typical rental and other economical student options!

· Virtuoso: Advancing players can find a significant upgrade in complexity, resonance, performance, and wood quality through the Virtuoso.

· Maestro: Perfect for experienced players and adult amateurs with sights on the future, the Maestro boasts rich, smooth singing resonance and gorgeous wood selection alongside timeless varnish. A violin capable of almost any repertoire, and at home in many settings.

· Kallo Bartok: Featuring the highest-quality woods, the Bartok is an extraordinary violin exemplifying the best of European workshop craftsmanship. Offering performance traditionally unattainable, this Romanian-Italian collaboration produces the next level in richness and clarity. Beautifully mature tone with greater power and complexity across the whole range, thick rich G string alongside a brilliant upper register. Varnished with classic Cremonese methods, this treasured violin will take you and your playing wherever you want to go.

The StringWorks Difference 

At StringWorks, we take extra care to craft extraordinary violins for every stage, and provide the best services for players. Every instrument we carry is hand-selected and thoroughly inspected by our luthiers to ensure the highest level of detail in craftsmanship and specifications to match your needs. Our quality-minded workshops hand-carve and varnish each violin before they come to us for all of the most important details. It is only natural then that we have complete confidence in our approach and why we are proud to offer the limited lifetime guarantee.

Our extensive setup process outclasses all others in terms of commitment and attention to every detail, so each instrument is ready for amazing performance, whether in your family room or in the concert hall. Every instrument undergoes our extensive play-testing process to guarantee the best tone and seamless playability. No violin will ever leave our shop unless we are completely satisfied. Our violins are not simply names and SKUs on a shelf, we compare the ideal candidates for a player before selecting the perfect bow. This matching or pairing process brings out the essence of a violin and allows the player to pull the perfect tone with minimal effort.

The StringWorks Setup™

At StringWorks, each player is as special as the violin he or she will ultimately play. We care about giving each musician we work with the best playing experience, and that starts with a quality setup. Our intricate setup process differentiates us from other sellers on the market – and we extend these demands to our rentals and step-up violins, not only our higher-end models.

Whereas many major brands and retailers provide minimal adjustment onsite, our staff spends between three and five hours with each violin. This way, we ensure each instrument achieves its full potential in terms of tone and playability. If you specialize in a particular genre or have specific preferences for your violin, our luthiers will take those requests into account through fittings and setup adjustments, and pay close attention to match your precise needs during playtesting. Learn more about our setup process online.

Expert Advice for Stringed Instrument Buyers and Owners

Amateur and experienced musicians with questions about their instruments or seeking guidance for their next purchase can count on the StringWorks staff for expert advice. Each of our employees has an average of 25 or more years of experience playing and servicing violins and other stringed instruments. We're here to lend our expertise to every customer, so you can learn about your instrument and enrich your playing experience. A violin can be heard through most of the other instruments around it, but we will ensure you don’t stand out for all of the wrong reasons. There will always be a learning curve, but we promise that E string will either be sweet or brilliant, never the ear-piercing sound that so many parents must endure in those first months with other inferior instruments. We have lived through and heard so many inferior violins, we want to make sure you don’t include StringWorks in the general “beware of online violins” warning. Those “violin shaped objects” are not worth the wood they were carved from, and we will do our best to educate and offer rental solutions until you are ready to make that musical investment.

No matter where you reside, our staff will serve as your personal shoppers to find the instrument that suits your style and aesthetic preferences. We'll send images, videos, sound files and other information so you can purchase your violin online with full confidence. Since violins are the smallest of the bowed strings, multiple instrument trials are much easier, so you can compare your favorites in the comfort of your home without much cost.

Trade-In Policy

Some players start with our Crescendo, while others prefer to get a violin they’ll use for many years. Regardless, there will always be the time when a player feels they have outgrown an instrument, or they just want to reward their many hours of practice. The StringWorks trade-in policy is one of the industry's best, allowing players to upgrade their violin with the greatest return. When you trade one violin for another higher-level model for the first time, you'll receive 100% of the instrument's original purchase price toward your upgrade and 80% for all future upgrades. Trade-in instruments must be in as-new condition for full credit, and some other restrictions apply. Learn more about our trade-in policy online.

Outfit Discount

The StringWorks outfit discount is a way for violinists to put together their ideal set. We don’t automatically kit a certain bow and case with each violin, instead allowing the player to make those selections. Some people want a bow that will be adequate on that future step-up violin, while others might want a durable composite bow to start. Others might want a fiberglass case with big dogs in the house or prefer a lightweight foam case. Purchase any case and bow with your instrument and use the discount code OUTFIT for $20 toward your order. 

Find The Perfect Instrument From Our Online Violin Shop

From experienced professionals to amateurs and everyone in between, StringWorks is here to help violinists find and maintain instruments they simply can't put down. We provide the best instruments and services for our customers, so you and your violin friends can trust StringWorks online violin store for all of your musical needs. To learn more about our hand carved violins or that industry-leading setup, get in touch with StringWorks today!

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