Crescendo ViolaCrescendo Viola

Crescendo Viola

$595 USD
Compare at $675 USD
Artist ViolaArtist Viola

Artist Viola

$695 USD
Compare at $895 USD
Virtuoso ViolaVirtuoso Viola

Virtuoso Viola

$945 USD
Compare at $1,295 USD
Maestro ViolaMaestro Viola

Maestro Viola

$1,295 USD
Compare at $1,495 USD
Soloist III ViolaSoloist III Viola

Soloist III Viola

$1,695 USD
Compare at $1,795 USD
Michael Todd III ViolaMichael Todd III Viola

Michael Todd III Viola

$2,400 USD
Compare at $2,900 USD
Kallo Bartok viola backKallo Bartok viola

Kallo Bartok Viola

$4,350 USD
Compare at $5,500 USD
Man Claudiu ViolaMan Claudiu Viola

Man Claudiu Viola

$11,000 USD
Compare at $12,000 USD

Our Viola Instruments for Sale

StringWorks carries various viola models with something unique to offer players of all levels. Some of our most popular violas include: 

Artist: The perfect instrument for new and budding violists, the Artist features solid maple and spruce wood carved and varnished for a beautiful appearance at tone, at a tremendous value. 

Virtuoso: As newer players gain more experience, the Virtuoso is an excellent upgrade that boasts rich, warm expressive tone and higher quality woods.

Maestro: Experienced players will adore the depth of tone the Maestro provides. Its aged and dried woods along with its supple oil varnish give this instrument visual and tonal complexity.

Soloist III: One of our most refined violas, the Soloist III rewards more advanced players with smooth playability and rich, resonant tones across its entire range. The Soloist III is crafted with some of the finest aged Himalayan and European spruce and maple woods, and rewards the listener with a broad range of tonal resonance.

Handcrafted Violas From StringWorks

At StringWorks, we go the extra mile to provide musicians of any skill level with the best possible instruments for their needs. Our violas experience an extensive process of hand-selection, inspection and play testing to ensure musicians find an instrument that sounds immaculate and feels just right to play. Whether you've played the viola your whole life or are just starting out, StringWorks will help you find an instrument you adore.

Our experienced luthiers go to great lengths to set up and prepare the best violas on the market, and our online store makes them available to customers nationwide. Where other larger brands or outlets may sacrifice quality for quantity, our employees take their time to listen to customers and familiarize themselves with our instruments to guarantee the highest quality instruments. 

The StringWorks Setup™

Few realize the importance of a professional instrument set up. To ensure your viola plays easily and sounds its best, it's crucial for it to undergo an attentive setup process. StringWorks is proud to offer The StringWorks Setup on all of our violas regardless of pricepoint. 

While competitors may spend only an hour and a half with one particular instrument, our luthiers complete the highest level of professional setup and spend three to five hours on each viola. We'll run your instrument through several processes to check all the boxes that make for a beautiful-sounding viola.  For more on our procedures, read about the Stringworks Setup™ online.

Expert Advice for Viola Buyers and Owners

Excellent customer service is at the center of our business, which means equipping musicians with instruments they love and information to help make them last. When you're in the market for a new instrument, get in touch with our staff to discuss your experience and preferences. Our staff has years of combined experience and we'll work with you to find a viola you can't put down.

As a continuation of our commitment to passing our knowledge onto our customers, StringWorks has resources to help you understand your viola. Browse the StringWorks University page for a list of helpful articles on violas and other instruments. 

Viola Trade-Ins

Are you interested in upgrading your viola? Our trade-in policy is one of the best in the industry and makes it convenient for musicians to upgrade their instrument with a new one of the same type. Customers receive 100% of their initial instrument's purchase price as credit toward an upgrade for their first trade-in. Subsequent trade-ins yield an 80% credit rate. Some restrictions apply, so learn more about our trade-in program online. 

Outfit Discount

The StringWorks outfit discount gives customers a great deal on everything they need to play their new viola. When you purchase an instrument, bow and case, use offer code OUTFIT at checkout to receive $20 off your order. 

Find Your Dream Viola Through Our Online Store

StringWorks is here to help any musician find a viola that suits their style and budget. Browse our violas for sale online or get in touch with StringWorks for tips for our professional staff. 

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