We've compiled a list of helpful 'classes' online to assist you in your never-ending search for more knowledge related to your violin, viola, or cello playing.  Combining information on cleaning and upkeep with handy guides or videos on restringing your instrument, we are pleased to offer you the following subjects as part of the StringWorks University syllabus.  If you have any suggestions for new subjects to add, please let us know! 

StringWorks University Class Syllabus:
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Construction of your string instrument 101

Anatomy (parts diagram) of a violin, viola, and cello 101

Choosing the correct size violin, viola, or cello for adults 106

Sizing chart for choosing a child's stringed instrument 106b

How to Pack a Cello 111

How to Pack a Violin or viola 111b (coming July 2021)

Violin, viola, and cello care and maintenance 210

Buying a violin, viola, or cello online

How Much Should I Spend on a Cello?

How Much Should I Spend on a Violin?

Changing violin, viola, or cello strings  235

Advanced bridge alignment 300

Seminar - Tonal qualities of string brands 150

Cello wolf tones and the wolf eliminator 220