Pre-Owned Artist ViolinPre-Owned Artist Violin
Sold out

Pre-Owned Artist Violin

$545 USD
Compare at $619 USD
Sold out

Lefin Violin Bow

$1,000 USD
Pre-Owned 3/4 Crescendo CelloPre-Owned 3/4 Crescendo Cello
Sold out

Pre-Owned 3/4 Crescendo Cello

$1,195 USD
Compare at $1,595 USD
Pre-Owned Soloist III Violin OutfitPre-Owned Soloist III Violin Outfit

Pre-Owned Soloist III Violin Outfit

$1,750 USD
Compare at $1,900 USD
Pre-Owned 16" Doetsch ViolaPre-Owned 16" Doetsch Viola
Sold out

Pre-Owned 16" Doetsch Viola

$2,500 USD
Compare at $4,500 USD
George Shumanov Workshop Violin Outfit, Bulgaria, 2006George Shumanov Workshop Violin Outfit, Bulgaria, 2006
Sold out
Anton Ferner Violin 1904Anton Ferner Violin 1904
Sold out

Anton Ferner Violin 1904

$3,000 USD
Compare at $5,000 USD
16" West Coast Strings "Maggini" Viola, 200616" West Coast Strings "Maggini" Viola, 2006
Sold out

16" West Coast Strings "Maggini" Viola, 2006

$3,095 USD
Compare at $4,050 USD
Fretted CR5 NS Violin by Ned SteinbergerFretted CR5 NS Violin by Ned Steinberger

Fretted CR5 NS Violin by Ned Steinberger

$3,158 USD
Compare at $3,509 USD
Kallo Bartok Violin #21, 2002Kallo Bartok Violin #21, 2002

Kallo Bartok Violin #21, 2002

$4,500 USD
Compare at $6,000 USD
Josef Deulin Violin, USA, 1924Josef Deulin Violin, USA, 1924
Sold out

Josef Deulin Violin, USA, 1924

$5,000 USD
Compare at $10,000 USD
Shan Jiang Violin, 2001Shan Jiang Violin, 2001
Sold out

Shan Jiang Violin, 2001

$5,500 USD
Compare at $6,000 USD
Pre-Owned SIR #IV CelloPre-Owned SIR #IV Cello
Sold out

Pre-Owned SIR #IV Cello

$9,500 USD
Compare at $13,000 USD
Emile Laurent Violin, France, 1909Emile Laurent Violin, France, 1909
Sold out

Emile Laurent Violin, France, 1909

$11,000 USD
Compare at $15,000 USD

Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin, 1923

$12,500 USD
Compare at $17,000 USD
Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Cello Outfit #35Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Cello Outfit #35

Pre-Owned Man Claudiu Cello Outfit #35

$12,500 USD
Compare at $15,000 USD
Blemished Man Claudiu Guadagnini CelloBlemished Man Claudiu Guadagnini Cello
Sold out

Blemished Man Claudiu Guadagnini Cello

$14,400 USD
Compare at $25,000 USD
Antique German Cello, circa 1860Antique German Cello, circa 1860
Sold out

Antique German Cello, circa 1860

$15,000 USD
Compare at $20,000 USD

The Benefits of Buying Secondhand Instruments

Learning a new instrument or upgrading your setup is something you can do at any age. Pre-owned instruments are a great way to get the most for your money if music becomes your passion later in life or if it has been a few years since you last performed. StringWorks will help you decide on the secondhand instrument that is right for your applications.

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or for a family member, there are numerous advantages to buying a secondhand instrument:

  • Affordable price tags: Get a like-new violin, viola or cello that might otherwise be out of your target price range, especially if you don’t mind cosmetic imperfections.
  • Multiple instruments for sale: Learn something new on a budget. Our pre-owned inventory is always changing.
  • Grow with your skills: Secondhand instruments are a great option if your children are young and still growing. Kids will be kids!
  • Playable condition: StringWorks only sells violin family instruments that are in great playing condition, setup for optimum performance.
  • One-of-a-kind instruments: Some pre-owned instruments have custom work done by a previous owner.
  • Quality selections: Every trade-in or consignment receives a new setup with new strings. Instruments hold their value if you take care of them. Make a purchase and potentially trade in your instrument later.

Get High-Quality Used Instruments From StringWorks

When you buy used violins, violas and cellos from StringWorks, you're getting instruments that are tested and inspected by world-class players and luthiers. All our pre-owned offerings are hand-selected by the best in the industry.

At StringWorks, we have 100% confidence in our secondhand instruments. Our luthiers will complete The StringWorks Setup™ on the pre-owned violin, viola or cello you select for an excellent playing experience. We provide each instrument, whether it's a beginner level or a pre-professional model, with the highest quality setup. This is just one way we stand out from other violin shops.

We Treat You Like Our Musical Family

Customer service is at the core of StringWorks' mission. We'll make sure you get an instrument that helps express your musical goals. Call us with questions about any pre-owned listing, and we're happy to assist. We know most of our repeat customers by name!

Buying used violins, violas and cellos should be exciting. To help you feel confident in your decision, we provide you with a 14-day in-home trial. If you change your mind about your secondhand instrument, you can still return it to us.

StringWorks Sells Secondhand Instruments for All Experience Levels

We encourage musicians to check back to our pre-owned store for incredible deals. Our site showcases used instruments for beginners, as well as advanced players depending on what we have in stock. We often feature beautiful heirlooms we’ve restored, or other gems on consignment. Visit our collections page to find additional products for your investment.

The best way to stay up to date with our secondhand violin collection is to join our mailing list. We'll send you information about instrument availability and recent trade-ins through our newsletter.

Contact Us for Details About Pre-Owned Violins and Cellos

See an instrument you like? Call the experts at StringWorks by dialing 630-454-5714 for more information. You can also contact us online about a specific pre-owned instrument, and we'll get back to you.

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