Soloist III Cello Special EditionSoloist III Cello Special Edition

Soloist III Cello Special Edition

$3,695 USD
Compare at $4,795 USD
Michael Todd III CelloMichael Todd III Cello

Michael Todd III Cello

$4,295 USD
Compare at $5,500 USD
Michael Todd III Special Edition Cello - 100/50 year old wood!Michael Todd III Special Edition Cello - 100/50 year old wood!
Sold out
Kallo Bartok Cello - European ExcellenceKallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

Kallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

$8,500 USD
Compare at $10,000 USD
Man Claudiu CelloMan Claudiu Cello

Man Claudiu Cello

$20,000 USD
Compare at $30,000 USD

What Makes the Best Cello for Professionals?

Traditionally, the best professional cellos were created by skilled artisans who knew how to craft the most exquisite instruments from countless hours and iterations. Each cello was a masterpiece, and an expert luthier took the time to ensure it was set up for the musician. At StringWorks, we've chosen to maintain this tradition. 

All of our cellos are handmade in our detail-oriented workshops and selected for you by our owner or head luthier. Each is constructed from aged tonewood, many from the personal collections of each luthier, that present superior sound and playability. (Some of the raw wood used in our professional cellos costs more than entire cellos!)  We offer a curated selection of professional cellos, highlighting some of the best luthiers around the world today, as well as masters from the past. 

Cellos at this level reveal the full spectrum of tone, some dark and rich, others brilliant solo instruments. Once we're certain we've found the right instrument for you, we'll bring out its soul through our extensive, personalized setup process. We play-test every cello for hours to ensure quality, and we'll customize the exact setup to meet your needs.

Why Choose StringWorks?

Our team at StringWorks is made of string musicians who are committed to helping you find an instrument you love that allows you to perform your best. We are more of a partner in your search, aiding you with our cellistic expertise.  To us, you're more than a transaction. You're a member of our musical family, and we'll go the extra mile to ensure you get the perfect cello to meet your needs, and get the most cello for your budget. 

When you contact us, you’re always talking with someone who can provide expert advice. Our team members have an average of more than 25 years of experience playing and maintaining string instruments. We'll help you figure out what exactly you need from a professional level instrument to take you to that next level.

We believe that every instrument deserves a professional level setup, and no measurement is spared on an instrument of this caliber.  The setup is really as important as the instrument itself, and we can confidently say that no shop does as good of a job as our luthiers. Shops that only sell professional instruments are only setting up a few instruments each week, whereas our luthier is constantly perfecting his approach and fit, constantly learning more about acoustics, and learning from other makers. Your musical demands, whether hobby or career, can take advantage of this incredible wisdom! Our talented luthiers spend about five to seven hours with each cello, making sure the soul of each instrument reaches you and its listeners. Our StringWorks Setup™ process isn't complete until we're 100% satisfied with the sound, and our play-testers are speechless. 

Accompany your new cello with a new heirloom quality bow and case to complete your outfit, and contact us for your outfit discount.

Find Your Perfect Match

We offer a wide range of cellos, including the professional models listed above and many beginner cellos and intermediate cellos for musicians of all skill levels. Start browsing online but then contact our team for more information and guidance so we can better help you decide on your perfect cello.

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