Virtuoso ViolaVirtuoso Viola

Virtuoso Viola

$945 USD
Compare at $1,295 USD
Maestro ViolaMaestro Viola

Maestro Viola

$1,295 USD
Compare at $1,495 USD
Soloist III ViolaSoloist III Viola

Soloist III Viola

$1,695 USD
Compare at $1,795 USD

What Makes a Good Viola for Intermediate Players?

As an advancing musician, you’re beginning to know what you love about your viola and what you want for your next instrument. Our collections of intermediate and advanced violas allow you to shop online to find one that fits your needs. You can feel confident knowing that we hold every viola listed on our site to incredibly high standards for craftsmanship and personalization.

Each viola we sell is hand-carved from select woods by experienced artisans in our workshops and inspected for quality by our staff of talented luthiers. Once we've found the right instrument for your needs, we'll set it up with hight quality fittings and play-test every aspect to ensure it meets your specifications. We'll communicate with you directly through the whole process to ensure we're exceeding your expectations and providing you with the best service every step of the way.

Why Choose StringWorks?

We feel our intermediate violas are worthy of any professional, as well as the most demanding serious student and music lover. They offer a significantly more complex range of tones, from a deeper C string to a singing A. They give you the projection and power when you need it, but also blend beautifully in orchestral and chamber settings. We love tailoring each of these impressive instruments to your preferences, from strings to fittings. It will serve most players for life! 

For more than two decades, our team at StringWorks has worked hard to provide legendary customer care and match musicians like you with instruments you'll love. Shop with StringWorks to buy intermediate violas, and you can take advantage of our unmatched, personalized shopping experience — including the following perks:

  • The StringWorks Setup™: While most shops spend about an hour with your instrument, our luthiers spend three to five hours on the StringWorks Setup™ to ensure your viola will off you the best  its maximum potential for playability and sound.
  • Advice from experts: Our team is made up of string musicians with an average of 25 years of experience. We're always on hand to give you any advice or guidance you need. 
  • An outfit discount: Upgrade your instrument by adding a new bow and case to your purchase, and we'll take $20 off your purchase.

Some musicians can feel hesitant to buy instruments online, but we're not an online company — we're a violin shop staffed by real musicians devoted to helping violists around the country find the best intermediate violas with a website just like any other company. 

Find the Best Intermediate Violas for Sale

Begin your search for your next viola by browsing our online collection of intermediate and advanced instruments. We also offer beginner violas and professional violas for musicians at different skill levels.

If you have questions or you'd like to start by chatting with our team, you can contact us online or give us a call. You can also click the chat bar to start a live chat from any page of our website during our business hours for immediate assistance.

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