StringWorks Crescendo CelloStringWorks Crescendo Cello

StringWorks Crescendo Cello

$1,495 USD
Compare at $1,595 USD
StringWorks Artist CelloStringWorks Artist Cello

StringWorks Artist Cello

$1,695 USD
Compare at $1,895 USD
Artist Cello, For the Baroque LoverArtist Cello, For the Baroque Lover

Artist Cello, For the Baroque Lover

$1,775 USD
Compare at $1,995 USD
NS NXT4a Electric Cello

NS NXT4a Electric Cello

$1,939 USD
Compare at $2,449 USD
StringWorks Virtuoso CelloStringWorks Virtuoso Cello

StringWorks Virtuoso Cello

$2,595 USD
Compare at $3,195 USD
StringWorks Maestro CelloStringWorks Maestro Cello

StringWorks Maestro Cello

$2,895 USD
Compare at $3,800 USD
StringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition CelloStringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition Cello

StringWorks Virtuoso Special Edition Cello

$2,895 USD
Compare at $3,495 USD
Soloist III CelloSoloist III Cello

Soloist III Cello

$3,295 USD
Compare at $4,395 USD
Special Edition Maestro CelloSpecial Edition Maestro Cello

Special Edition Maestro Cello

$3,395 USD
Compare at $5,200 USD
Soloist III Cello Special EditionSoloist III Cello Special Edition

Soloist III Cello Special Edition

$3,695 USD
Compare at $4,795 USD
Michael Todd III CelloMichael Todd III Cello

Michael Todd III Cello

$4,295 USD
Compare at $5,500 USD
Michael Todd III Rogeri Special EditionMichael Todd III Rogeri Special Edition
Sold out

Michael Todd III Rogeri Special Edition

$6,995 USD
Compare at $8,500 USD
Michael Todd III Special Edition Cello - 100/50 year old wood!Michael Todd III Special Edition Cello - 100/50 year old wood!
Sold out
Kallo Bartok Cello - European ExcellenceKallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

Kallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

$8,500 USD
Compare at $10,000 USD
Man Claudiu CelloMan Claudiu Cello

Man Claudiu Cello

$20,000 USD
Compare at $30,000 USD

Our Available Cellos

StringWorks offers a free 14-day in-home trial and thorough setup services so you can find a cello that sounds and plays exactly the way you want. We carry beautiful fully carved, handmade cellos for players with any experience level. Some of our most popular models include:

· Artist: The Artist is our best selling instrument of all time (violin, viola, or cello) as it is perfect for beginner players still getting a feel for the instrument, yet with tonal capabilities for the rapidly advancing player.

· Virtuoso: More advanced and intermediate musicians ready to upgrade to a richer overall experience will fall head over heels for the Virtuoso's woods and varnish that match its beautiful tonal qualities. Fuller, deeper, more resonant than our Artist, it is far more capable and worthy of admiration just sitting in its case.

· Maestro: Featuring aged woods of higher quality, the Maestro is one of our easiest cellos to play, and has the truest expression of a warm velvety tone, resonant and surrounding the player, with an emphasis on the bass, yet crisp on the upper strings, almost bell-like.

· Soloist III: One of our top models for the most advanced players, the Soloist III cello features tone and capability to handle the most advanced repertoire effortlessly. Aged spruce and maple, the Soloist has a, strong low end complemented by a singing, soaring upper register that runs the tonal gamut from reedy and Baroque-like to punchy and powerful, enough to earn its 'soloist' name.

What Sets Our Cellos Apart?

When you shop for a cello at StringWorks, you'll find instruments that boast superior craftsmanship and are setup for optimum playability, thanks to all our cellists on staff. Our instruments far exceed any of the requirements and minimum standards set by schools and teachers, so you don’t have to worry about inferior parts or materials, and never any laminate or plywood. Our luthiers use their thorough understanding of the features that facilitate acoustic performance and the best playing experiences to inspect and service the instruments our customers adore.

Each StringWorks cello is hand selected by the owner or luthier, so you are getting the best examples from each of our workshops – the cream of the cello crop. We expect the highest levels of craftsmanship, and thus only work with small, quality focused workshops, not large factories. Each cello then undergoes an in-depth series of setup processes and play tests to meet our quality standards for wood and varnish aesthetics, tone and playability that warrant our limited lifetime guarantee. With StringWorks, you can be sure you're shopping at a company that cares about your playing experience and wants to see your musicianship grow.

Setups That Make a Difference 

At StringWorks, we're committed to maintaining a personalized approach to customer service so every player can grow as a musician. A great playing experience starts with a proper setup tailored to your preferences. The StringWorks Setup™ is an extensive process that goes above and beyond the services our competitors offer. A beautiful blend of art and science, alongside countless hours and instruments of experience. Many shops and stores don’t go beyond the factory setup on student or intermediate instruments; we replace and upgrade those same bridges, sound posts, tailpieces, and endpins, many of which inhibit your sound or playing. Other shops might at least gloss over your instrument, but our luthiers will spend many hours giving your cello in-depth attention to ensure the best setup, whether it’s a rental or our Italian masterpiece.

Expert Advice for Cello Buyers and Owners 

Whether you're an experienced cellist looking to upgrade your instrument or a beginner taking your first steps, StringWorks is here to provide guidance and useful information. Every member of our staff is an experienced and knowledgeable cellist, violinist or violist ready to help you find the best instrument for your style and experience level. We can confidently say that you will get the most cello or bow for your budget with StringWorks – players across the country have said our cellos perform like instruments far more expensive. We'll serve as your personal shoppers when you purchase a cello online or over the phone, sending images, sound files, videos and other information to help you find a cello you'll love — no matter where you are in the world.

If you want to expand your knowledge of the cello or learn helpful buying tips, browse the StringWorks University syllabus for free online resources.


Whether you buy a cello you’ll grow into, or a student instrument StringWorks makes it easy and affordable for musicians to upgrade their cellos through our industry-leading trade-in policy. When you're ready to trade in one cello for another higher-quality model for the first time, we'll credit 100% of your instrument's initial value toward your purchase. All subsequent upgrades receive 80% credit for your trade-in for life. There will always be time to reward your progress! Certain conditions apply, so learn more about our trade-in policy online.

Outfit Discount

StringWorks offers an outfit discount to help musicians get everything they need to play their cello in one place. When you purchase a bag and bow with your cello, use discount code OUTFIT for $20 off your order; if you purchase a hard case and bow, use code CELLOOUTFIT for a unique cello outfit discount.

Shop High-Quality Cellos Online From StringWorks

Amateur and experienced cellists alike can find a beautifully designed instrument they'll love on the StringWorks online store. We're here to help, so browse our products and contact the StringWorks staff with any questions!

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