Michael Todd III ViolinMichael Todd III Violin

Michael Todd III Violin

$2,200 USD
Compare at $2,800 USD
Michael Todd III Violin, Special EditionMichael Todd III Violin, Special Edition

Michael Todd III Violin, Special Edition

$2,500 USD
Compare at $3,000 USD
Michael Todd III European Special Edition ViolinMichael Todd III European Special Edition Violin

Michael Todd III European Special Edition Violin

$2,750 USD
Compare at $3,500 USD
Kallo Bartok Violin, European MadeKallo Bartok Violin, European Made

Kallo Bartok Violin, European Made

$3,900 USD
Compare at $5,000 USD
Man Claudiu ViolinMan Claudiu Violin

Man Claudiu Violin

$10,000 USD
Compare at $15,000 USD

What Makes the Best Violins for Professionals?

At StringWorks, we believe each professional-level violin should be a masterpiece, providing limitless potential and dynamic range. Even a novice violinist can hear the difference between a high-quality professional violin and a beginner or intermediate instrument. Your violin should help you sound your best, challenge the limits of your technique and reward your successful application of it, and that's just what a professional-level violin will do.

Every violin we sell is hand-selected by our expert team. After careful inspection, our luthiers spend hours with the instrument, completing a thorough and attentive setup process with premium fittings and strings to ensure the violin is ready to perform optimally and deliver the best possible playability and tone whenever you need it. 

Why Choose StringWorks?

We make buying a professional violin easy by becoming your personal shopper. Your StringWorks team will listen to your ideas and provide expert advice to help you determine which violin will best suit your needs. With your desires and specifications in hand, our experienced team will help you find the best violin through recordings, reviews, and virtual or in person appointments. We have had players plan road trips or set up in-home trials of instruments not available anywhere else outside of big city shops or auctions. 

We source our violins from workshops around the world, where skilled artisans carve the instruments from the highest quality woods. We pay close attention to the details of each instrument to ensure it meets or exceeds our standards and your specifications. These instruments have true character! Our Bartok violin is an amazing workshop-level European instrument, offering professional level sound at about 1/3 of the price of similar level instruments made by single makers. Our Italian violins made by Man Claudiu are truly stunning instruments comfortable in any conservatory and on any stage, at a fraction of the price of similar level instruments made by similarly qualified American luthiers.

Once we've selected a violin that meets your requirements, our luthiers check every detail of our StringWorks Setup™. Even when a single-maker instrument comes into the showroom, we redo everything, just in case! While other companies spend about an hour on setup, we spend close to five hours on this detailed process to reveal the true expression of your violin’s character.

Purchase your new violin on its own or create an impressive outfit by selecting a beautiful pernambuco bow or carbon fiber bow alongside a beautiful wood case, or a French, German, or Taiwanese composite case. If you choose to purchase a complete professional outfit, contact us for an outfit discount

Invest in Yourself With a Professional Violin

A professional-level violin is an investment that can help you reach your highest potential musically, as well as provide an investment, an heirloom that will be passed down for generations. No matter how experienced you are as a musician, having an instrument of this level removes any boundaries to your growth and allows you to master the most demanding repertoire.

Browse our online catalog as you start your search for a new instrument, but be sure to call us about commissioning your Man Claudiu or to hear about the newest consignments and vintage violins. We carry violins for musicians at every level, including beginner violins and intermediate violins. To learn more about our personalized shopping experience, get in touch with our team today.

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