The Bespoke Experience choosing a violin, viola, or cello outfit

For centuries, 'bespoke' represented the ultimate in the retail consumer experience - a made-to-order encounter, most commonly for clothing, such as suits, dresses, and other formalwear.  While seemingly never used for the stringed instrument world, the experience at StringWorks for each of our customers is often just that - bespoke.

When a potential customer calls or emails us, the experience begins, and for those who need our assistance in every step - instrument, case, bow, fitting material, special tuning pegs, even varnish preferences - we truly provide a custom made-to-order encounter for the musician, so they become part of the StringWorks family.

Buying a musical instrument - particularly a stringed instrument - is such a significant StringWorks instrument outfitsdecision, and because your violin, viola, or cello has a personal attachment to you, as a musical extension of yourself, the process can be overwhelming.  That's where we come in - we're able, willing, and looking forward to helping you in each step needed.  Some know exactly what they want, some need their hand held even through the choice of rosin (which, though we don't sell, we always assist in pointing our customers in the right direction).

Even string players who are not yet ready to purchase often come to us to help guide them in the process, as the more information you gather over time, the more educated you are, and the more likely it will be that your decision(s) will be rewarding in your musical career.

Let StringWorks guide you on your Bespoke Experience!  Let's, together, find the perfect outfit for you.

Updated 3/2/23

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