Cooped up during the Quarantine? Now's the time to buy that stringed instrument!

The Coronavirus Quarantine has affected each of us in some way - some, in states like NY, CA, and WA, rather significantly.  What better time than to finally purchase that violin, viola, or cello you've always wanted, as now you have so much time to practice!

Lessons are also available online, throughout the world, so let technology guide you while you begin your musical journey.  We're happy to help find the perfect online teacher, just ask!

We're still shipping nationwide, and to most countries, so reach out and let us find that perfect instrument.  No time to waste!

We wanted to also share musical resources that are available during this time, whether streamed concerts online, free trials of various lessons, anything that can help people stay productive and inspired during this time!  Please comment with anything you've found, or if you're a teacher offering online lessons/support.  Here are two to start!

Detroit Symphony Replay

Berlin Phil  Concert Hall (code BerlinPhil)

CelloBello CelloChat

Online sheet music Auto scrolling!

Artist Works Lessons

Steinberg Music composition and recording resources

Look forward to hearing about yours!


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