The rise of the 'Super Beginner'!!! (Adults wanting to play violin, viola, or cello)

super beginner text on hero iconFor 20 years, one of our core client bases has been adult students - those who either: 1) played in their youth, had to give it up, and want to bring it back now that they have the time and inclination (and funding for an instrument!) or, 2) those who have always wanted to but never did.  One of our recent such adult customers coined the term 'Super Beginner' for himself, and we loved it so much we wanted to share it with our other many Super Beginner customers out there...and those to come!  Truly it is never too late to start (or re-start), and if you are wondering when the perfect time's now!

Many potential Super Beginners who played in the past wonder how long it will take for them to recover their skillset.  With several factors at play, most significant would obviously include your playing level when you stopped, and the amount of time you plan to set aside daily for practice.  (yes, gasp!  For best results...practice daily!  This is muscle memory, and it takes a lot of training, but it's well worth it)

You may choose to rent in order to be sure you will stick with it, but most have thought on it long enough and jump in, buying an instrument that is easy to play and inspires them to practice and fulfill the dream.  StringWorks has resources to aid you in purchasing an instrument: "How much should I spend on a violin?" and "How much should I spend on a cello?" are both very helpful, FAQ-esque articles on our site. (viola applies similarly to violin, as the price-point is very much the same factor higher across the model lineup) Coincidentally, while writing this blog, a Super Beginner (high school teacher named Ashley) showed up on our online chat, so I felt particularly skilled in chatting with this customer, who had some of these same FAQs we address often from others like you!

All Super Beginners (are you embracing the title yet?) are strongly encouraged to obtain violinist performing
private lessons, as the technique in playing a violin, viola, or cello is very specific, and bad habits can quickly hamper future growth.  Strings Magazine publishes articles that help ALL string players, but one that can be of particular help to Super Beginners is this simple guide toward improved intonation.  Your teacher will be happy you took the time to keep intonation in check so lessons can be more productive, spending time on technique, musicality, bowing, and finger positions!

As ALWAYS, our staff is full of string players, so never be shy about reaching out and asking questions.  Email or call anytime!



Good Day… I am adult who briefly started to play the violin as a teenager. I have played other instruments and I would now want to begin the process again to learn the violin. What are your suggestions to help with this learning process (e.g. on-line lessons)? Eventually, I want to play a string instrument in a local group setting (e.g. nonprofessional community orchestra). Would my chances improve if I select a viola over the violin? Regards. Barbara

Barbara June 04, 2020

That’s really informative post. I appreciate your skills. Thanks for sharing.

Violin Classes El Dorado Hills, CA - Mr. D's Music School March 13, 2020

Thank- you for this blog article about “Late Bloomers” and Learning String Instruments. This Spring I will be making a personal Dream come true by purchasing my 1st Violin with you.

Robin E. T. Hippler March 28, 2019

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