This one performs like a StringWorks instrument!

We're often asked to compare our StringWorks models to those available at some other violin shops, and I always find myself hesitant to do so, stating that any opinion we'd give likely would carry bias, so we're the wrong people to ask!

Over the past 20-plus years, we've held our business ethics to the very highest level, never pandering to the 'kickbacks' programs that are so popular (paying teachers commission to sell instruments to their students) or artificially inflating our prices to allow for 'bargaining', and keeping those prices ALWAYS fully in public view, in all fairness.

StringWorks has aimed to be the best violin shop (and cello shop, and viola shop) in the country since we first started in 1997, and while our quality has always been ahead of the curve, setting us apart from others, it has constantly improved as well.  Our setup - The StringWorks Setup™ - is unheard of for instruments priced below $1000, as normally a violin shop would reserve such work for much more expensive instruments only.  We have always put our guarantee on every instrument, but most of all, we pride ourselves in our StringWorks family - all of you who have purchased an instrument or instrument outfit from us - or several, or even half a dozen! - over the decades.  Because we concentrate ONLY on violin-family instruments, cases, and bows, our customer service is bar none.  We're one of the highest rated violin shops on the web, because we make sure every single customer is happy - that each is treated with the utmost respect before, during, and after their purchase.

Each instrument is play-tested by a dedicated violinist, violist, or cellist, and setup adjustments are always made when needed.  We often see a pile of strings on our showroom floor, with our staffers busy finding the PERFECT fit for each instrument.  

How do you compare a StringWorks instruments to XYZ brand?  Ours perform like a StringWorks instrument, that's the difference!! :)


Beverly – yes, we sometimes have 7/8 cellos for rent! Email us when you can, so we can see if we have one available. We sell quite a few each year, but finding them for rent is a bit harder

Todd July 10, 2019

I am looking for a good quality 7/8 cello to rent. My health does not allow me comfort with my full size cello. I play while in wheelchair and that is you rent 7/8 high quality cellos?
Thank you

Beverly Adler March 28, 2019

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"It's such a wonderful online shopping experience. StringWorks showed me what is excellent customer service about that creates raving fans. Looking forward to my next purchase!" 

A.F., Phillippines