Your StringWorks 'Personal Shopper' Selecting Your Bow

Recently, we've been doing quite a bit of 'bow matching' for customers who, after much research, have chosen an instrument, but aren't sure which bow best fits with their instrument and budget.  While we have a handy guide HERE, it's just a guide, and often the best way to select a bow is to have us, as your in-person specialists, find that perfect accompaniment to your violin, viola, or cello.

While our bows within a model are similar, they do have some noticeable differences, and while one might perform better on one instrument, they might not on yours.  

First, we can help guide you on which model (or models) to choose, then we'll pull several of each of those models and play your instrument, finding the perfect match.  Many of our customers have unique requirements for their playing needs, whether it be hand or wrist issues, arthritis, small hands, etc.  The more specific information you share with us, the better we can help you in being your hands on the ground (or hands in the showroom).

Finding that perfect bow - the bow that makes your instrument perform to its utmost potential - is our speciality, and we're happy to assist you in the process.  If you want to try several, it's easy and inexpensive to ship back to us, but our track record in matching bow to instrument is exemplary.  Let us help YOU find that perfect match!

Updated 8/31/2021


     Todd French, Founder/President

     StringWorks, Inc.

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