CodaBow Prodigy Cello Bow

$415 USD

Designed with student players in mind, the PRODIGY combines select characteristics of a professional bow with the forgiveness and stability desired by students. Adaptations of the Graphite Weave and Kevlar Core technologies characteristic of our professional Diamond Collection imbue the PRODIGY with a sophistication not found in pre-professional bows. By precisely blending glass fibers into the Kevlar core, the designers are able to soften the response of the shaft and make the bow more manageable for the less experienced hand. The professional balance and proportioning ensure that students still develop proper habits. Available in full and 3/4 sizes.

* Graphite Diamond Weave
* Blended Kevlar
* Nickel Silver Mounted
* XebonyTM Engineered Ebony
* White Mother of Pearl Slide
* Silver Medal Horse Hair
* Individually-Numbered
* Limited (10-year) Warranty

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