CodaBow Luma Violin Bow

$765 USD Compare at$845 USD

The LUMA features specialized performance both timeless and rare. Inspired by the historically remarkable bows of Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin that possess both light facility and rich tonality, CodaBow’s design team combined the skills of master makers, leading scientists, and professional artists to create this enlightened design.

The LUMA offers light touch (58 gms) and quick response while still delivering layered sound. It accesses new frontiers for a wide range of styles, including Fiddle, Jazz, and Classical styles.  


The LUMA’s trademark Graphite Diamond Weave architecture extends precisely from button to tip. This naturally-elegant technology strikes the highly-sought balance between strength and flexibility. The Acoustic Core, comprised of a medley of advanced fibers, imbues a natural sensitivity and organic characteristic to this complementary design.  

“The LUMA is a tribute to history’s innovative makers and a testament to modern bow design.  This companion design is delighting players of every style and all abilities.”

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