Maestro Viola

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The Maestro viola features some of the most beautiful figured woods and a rich oil varnish that is tastefully antiqued. The tone of these violas is rich and full, with deep bass registers and a full range of overtones. Suitable for the most discriminating violist, these instruments provide the visual beauty that is surpassed only by the rich tonal colors and depth of sound. Exclusively at StringWorks!


"Jonathan is in love with his Maestro viola and dares anyone to try to take it away from him. He is now practicing every day without having to be cajoled into it, and finally has an instrument that responds to his level. The wonderful sound just fills the house. His private teacher finally heard and saw it today, and she also liked it and commented that it was really pretty and had a great sound! He also said his advanced orchestra teacher loved playing it." - S.W.
Available in the following size ranges:

15 1/2" - 16" - 16 1/2"

Solid, carved maple back and sides, solid carved aged spruce top, hand applied oil varnish, slightly antiqued. Ebony fingerboard, Despiau bridge, Helicore, Larsen, and/or Obligato strings, composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, and comes with the StringWorks Setup. Available currently with ebony fittings.

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