Man Claudiu Viola

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Man Claudiu, luthier near Bolzano, Italy, makes these beautiful instruments for us by hand in his workshop in Italy. Only the finest European woods, fittings, and oil varnish are used in the making of each masterpiece. We've had a relationship with Claudiu for many years, and his wood and craftsmanship continue to improve since his move from Romania to Italy. 

Man Claudiu regularly exhibits in Cremona and other luthier competitions, with some of the best results he's ever received by the judges.

The tone of the Man Claudiu instruments is very complex - rich and warm, dense and thick tone, with fantastic strength and clarity throughout the registers. It is suitable for the pre-professional player or for one who wishes never to have to upgrade, as the quality of Man Claudiu's work is equal to that of many of the most popular contemporary instrument makers. While the tone is spectacular from the very start, the reward comes later as it begins to break in and the tone matures with the player.


Viola 41.3 cm
  • Upper Bout 19.5 cm
  • C Bout 13.6 cm
  • Lower Bout   24.6cm
Viola 40.3cm
  • Upper Bout 18.3cm
  • C Bout 13.00 cm
  • Lower Bout   23.8 cm

Despiau three tree bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, aged European spruce and maple of the highest quality, lightly antiqued oil varnish. Each instrument setup with Evah Pirazzi Gold, but other strings are available by request.

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