Pre-Owned Michael Todd II Violas

$2,400 USD


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Here's an opportunity to purchase one of our Michael Todd II violas - hand made in Romania - with the advantage of being pre-broken-in, giving the instrument a boost in maturity and complexity, and doing several years of hard playing-in work for you!  They're all still in as-new condition, with your choice of tailpiece and strings - Larsen/Obligato to bring out that warmth/richness, Evah Gold if you want a bit more power.  

Wittner tailpiece, 2008, #209 = 16"

Ebony tailpiece, 2008, #213 = 16.5"

Made by our Romanian workshop, this preowned Michael Todd II viola shows the beautiful, evenly figured wood that we loved so much about our previous Michael Todd model.  Here is the tonal review:

  • Powerful sweet and warm tone
  • Eveness of tone throughout the positions, colorful, resonating
  • Superb balance and playability
Give us a call and take one of these violas home for a free 14-day in home trial!

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