Adjustrite Cello & Musician's Chair

$235 USD Compare at$255 USD

The best possible chair for playing cello! Perfect for any other instrument played seated, or for vocalists. Encourages proper posture, while also making it more comfortable to play. 

  • Players
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Practice room
  • Teaching studio
  • Classroom
  • Church
  • Chamber ensembles

Easily adjustable from 15" to 20" seated height (in 1 inch increments), so ideal for kids and adults to share in the family music room. Very durable and sturdy, with leg protectors to decrease damage to any wood floors.  Holds up to 250lbs, but the chair weighs only 18lbs, so light enough to bring to gigs or when traveling.  Never play in a folding metal chair again!  

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