CHC500 Ultra Fiberglass Cello Case

$599 USD


Only 1 piece in stock!

The MOST protective cello case we offer - streamlined so they fit in nearly every car!  Fiberglass cello cases last for decades, as they are so durable.

* fiberglass shell with glossy or matte finish
* three carrying handles
* backpack-style shoulder strap
* protective rubber bumpers on side & bottom
* large, secure latches
* string pocket
* two bow holders
* wheels in back with carrying handle at scroll
* Tongue-in-groove rubber coated valance makes an airtight, water resistant fit
The fully padded suspension system absorbs shock and vibration.
One of the very finest cello cases you can buy - and our most protective and long-lasting case! 14 lb.
Exterior colors include silver (shown), orange, lime green, pink, emerald green, pink, red, purple, black, black weave, white, pearl, sky blue, and royal blue - if you want to know which colors are available currently, please call - but we can order your favorite color anytime!

Suggested retail price - $550



Fiberglass with a matte scratch resistant finish, wheels, two bow holders, accessory pouch, back pack straps, three permanent handles and one removable pull strap. 14 lbs.

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