Soloist III Violin

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"A few months ago I went to my local luthier to shop around (violins under $2500). I tried out a few different instruments but ultimately did not find one that I liked as much as my Soloist."

Our Soloist line is set apart by striking woods, a deep reddish-brown varnish, and an open tone with substantial resonance and evenness, rewarding the player with even, clean changes throughout all ranges. Each entirely handmade and play tested to assure the highest quality tone and playability.

Despiau bridge, ebony fingerboard and fittings, composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, inlaid purfling, solid, hand carved throughout, aged spruce and maple of the highest quality, rich reddish-brown oil varnish. Each Soloist violin setup with Thomastik Dominant strings, and comes with the StringWorks Setup

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