Antique German Cello, circa 1860

$15,000 USD Compare at$20,000 USD

You will fall in love with this cello, I know we have! A rich, warm, old-world sounding German cello from the height of handmade German production in the mid to late 1800s. It features a rich and resonant tone, effortless to play in any position, and tremendous resonance throughout the strings. Beautiful Amati pattern, and a rich oil varnish that has aged gracefully. It also features a gorgeous, and very rare, one-piece back of old stock European maple that simply can't be found anymore. The original owner was an active cellist, and the many hours and years of playing have worked magic on the wood and complexity of tone. It has since served a Juilliard cellist well, and we feel lucky to have it back on consignment. No modern instrument can sound like this! LOB 768mm Upper bout 343mm Lower bout 422mm

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