Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin, 1923

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We have restored this beautiful example of Roth workmanship from 1923. Gorgeous one piece back of highly flamed maple, medium grained spruce top, in great condition outside of signs of its age towards the edges. Beautiful character and a timeless masterpiece newly setup for you!

Branded to the inside back, "Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen." Labeled "Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius Cremona 1718."

Ranan's tonal review:

  • Great sound quality, versatile
  • Very well balanced
  • Rich and strong lower register
  • Resonant high register
  • Strong resonance throughout
  • Ease of playing in high positions due to shape of upper body
  • Excellent instrument!


  • LOB 354mm
  • Upper bout 162mm
  • Lower bout 202mm

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