Virtuoso Violin

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"This week I took delivery of a Virtuoso Violin, a Hoffman bow and the deluxe oblong case. Visually I was impressed. The fittings are beautiful. I played it and knew it was way ahead of the rental equipment I had. My instructor played it and was impressed with the fullness of tone. When I told her what I paid for it she was very, very impressed." - B.P.

Significant upgrades in wood and craftsmanship reveal the type of sound our higher end instruments provide.  Denser, and more complex, the Virtuoso gives the violinist a rich and more mature tone that is characterized by greater resonance. The maple is highly figured and the fittings of the highest quality Indian ebony.  

Denser, present resonance

Brilliant upper register

Thicker stronger low end

Solid, carved spruce top and maple back and sides, ebony fingerboard, D'Addario Pro-Arte or Helicore strings (Pro-Arte standard), composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, ebony fittings. Lightly antiqued varnish, and comes with the StringWorks Setup. Available in full size only.

Which to choose? Most violinists who come to us are comparing Artist, Virtuoso, and Maestro, and the advice we give them (after asking their musical aspirations, previous experience, and budget) is that if you are looking for an instrument that will work well for a beginner/intermediate player, and have a budget constraints, choose Artist, as it is capable and always exceeds expectations.  However, the Virtuoso is a pretty significant jump in wood quality and tone, so it's worth serious consideration given the improvement in quality and tone for the minor price premium it carries.  With the Virtuoso, you'll see beautifully flamed maple, tightly grained spruce that is straight, and evenly spaced, when compared to the Artist.  Higher quality woods, beautifully and tastefully antiqued varnish, and a tone that is powerful, singing, and pure - significantly more expressive than its Artist counterpart.  If you want tonal and physical beauty in your violin, choose Virtuoso over Artist. 

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