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"So, to put it out where everyone can read it, my new Michael Todd II violin arrived yesterday, inconveniently while I was mowing the yard. Oh, the humanity! So I had to wait two hours or so before finally getting around to opening the box. Chills and suspense... What would it look like? How would it sound? Despite the wonderful experience I had emailing Todd and Erik, I was still, of course, apprehensive..."

- D.K.

"I received my MTII (Michael Todd) today by Airborne Express-- no problems, it was packed well. I love the violin, the craftsmanship, the set-up and the tone...Very well done!! Thank You."

- G.H.

Last Friday I received my cello, and it is magnificent! When my daughter first saw it, she called it 'sensual.' I must say I agree. It is so beautiful it almost made me cry. The sound is extraordinary and the play-ability is unbelievably easy. The bow is light and flexible (it's the first really good bow I've ever owned!). I've had a great time practicing, relearning my old skills and songs, and generally becoming reacquainted with the world of cello music. I would not give this up for the world. 

The case is beautiful also. Nice and sturdy, and very classy-looking. However, I bought a cello stand to use so I wouldn't put an over-amount of stress on the case; plus I must say I love sitting and looking at [the cello on display].

I've placed a review on your website (positive of course) because I want everyone to know how amazing you guys are. Who knew a company with an internet presence could be so wonderful?

Thank you so very, very much for everything! 

- D.N.

We recently just purchased a Maestro Cello and Joh. Krausch Cello Bow for our 9th grade grandson. The Maestro Cello sounds amazing! It is a beautiful Cello. StringWorks gives you stringed instruments of amazing value for the price. I’m not certain what StringWorks could do to make anything better probably because I know nearly nothing about stringed instruments. StringWorks are the experts that you can fully trust to get the best instrument for the best price. In fact you will get a much better instrument for the price than any other place I can think of. Exactly what StringWorks could do better I’m not certain - maybe they can figure something out that would put them in the category of Angelic? 

 Merri D.