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Optional maintenance fees are available at $3.00 per month for violin and viola, $5.00 per month for cello.
Maintenance fees cover all damage due to wear and tear, cracks, and other repairs at trade-in or return, such as new strings, new bridge, and instrument cleaning and polishing.
Additionally, refundable security deposits equal to 3 months rent will be added to the initial billing period:
New Rental:           Violin - $57.00     Viola - $66.00     Cello - $132.00
Pre-owned Rental: Violin - $42.00     Viola - $45.00     Cello - $102.00 or $132.00 for 4/4 size
Shipping charges will also be added to the initial billing period:
Violin/Viola - $22.00     Cello - $65.00

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