Terms Of Use

Rental Agreement Terms

1) All rental fees are payable in advance. A discount of 5% off total applies to a 6-month advance payment, a discount of 10% of total applies to a 12-month advance payment.  A late fee of $1.00 will apply to all payments received after the 1st of the month, $5.00 late fee for payments received after the 15th of the month.

2) StringWorks is the Lessor. Upon expiration of the rental period, the Lessee agrees to return the goods to the Lessor. If the goods are not returned by the expiration date, the rental will continue at the rate in effect with any fraction of a month constituting a full month´s rental. In addition to said rental, lessee agrees to pay a late charge fee of one dollar ($1.00) per day and all costs of collection or repossession, including legal expenses and attorney´s fees.

3) The Lessee agrees that the leased instrument may not be removed from the city and county designated without prior consent of StringWorks. The Lessee acknowledges receipt of the goods in good condition.

4) Security Deposit - A deposit equal to three months rent (fee only) is due upon initial rental of an instrument in addition to first month´s rent. This deposit is returned to the renter when the instrument is returned in satisfactory condition as stated below. If lessee defaults on rental payments, all or part of any security deposit will be applied toward rental owed or equipment damage - damage consisting of excess wear, complete destruction, or damage due to negligence.

5) Instruments must kept in rentable condition, with regular maintenance as needed to assure rentable condition.

6) Conditions of application;

  • Rental account must be kept current, otherwise monies will be forfeited
  • Maintenance and replacement fees do not apply to future purchase
  • Only designated percent and number of payments as specified on contract can apply to a purchase

7) Maintenance Fee - The renter may opt to pay a maintenance fee which provides comprehensive repair for the rented instrument and bow in all damage except that which is caused by negligence. This fee also provides greater insurance to the renter towards replacement if the instrument is destroyed (the renter is responsible for ½ the value of the instrument rather than the entire value). This fee is $5.00 per month, and does not apply toward purchase.

8) Maintenance fee coverage;

  • Free periodic checkups and minor adjustments - tuning not included
  • Non-negligent damage repair and replacement
  • Loss due to burglary with visible sign of force and police report filed
  • Minor scratches in finish 

Items not covered include;

  • Negligent care or mishandling that results in extensive damages. Examples: Subjecting instrument to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, dropping instrument, excessive finish wear, and other careless acts.
  • Theft due to carelessly leaving unattended in school, job, or unlocked car
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Everyday supplies such as strings, rosin, etc., or bow rehairs
  • Loss due to fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster

9) Buyer´s incentive - At any given time during the rental period, the renter may decide to purchase the rented instrument or any instrument from StringWorks. All renters are given a credit of 2/3 total amount paid in rental fees, not to exceed credit for more than 1 year period, which applies toward the purchase of an instrument. Buyer´s incentive credit cannot be combined - one credit per person per instrument.