Welcome, Trala students!

StringWorks is excited to partner with Trala to be your primary resource for all your musical instrument needs as you begin, and continue, your musical journey.

This dedicated page will include information about our various instrument purchase and rental options, but feel free at any time to reach out and speak to one of our friendly specialists.  We are available by phone at 630-454-5714 or email, and our time is dedicated to making your difficult decisions easier, guiding you to the perfect instrument choice for YOU!

Buy or Rent?  Which should you choose?

As you begin your lessons, you may wonder which option is best for you, buying or renting your violin, viola, or cello.  We will present both options and you can choose what fits your needs and short/long term goals best.

Buying your instrument:

Many new students have wanted to play violin for years, even decades (we call them Super Beginners), and realize now that they've taken the step to start lessons with Trala that they are ready to have an instrument of their own, so they choose to buy an instrument from StringWorks.  Owning your instrument allows you to develop a deeper connection with it and tailor it to your preferences.  Additionally, you won't have to worry about returning a rented instrument or potential damage fees. We are offering several outfits customized by Trala for its students, and welcome your inquiry so our specialists can personally customize an outfit just for you, to meet your needs and budget. 

Buy Your Violin Outfit Here

Renting your instrument:

Some students are unsure how long they will be taking lessons, and would rather test it out for a period of time before using their rental credits (and security deposit) to purchase an instrument outfit, be it their current rental or any other outfit we offer.  This gives the student some flexibility while starting lessons, with a recurring monthly rental fee until ready to purchase. (Note: rental credit does NOT apply toward purchase of the Trala violin outfit, only StringWorks instruments)

Rent Your Violin Outfit Here

Rent Your Viola Outfit Here

Rent Your Cello Outfit Here

What size do I need? Use this helpful guide to assist you