Carbon Fiber Cello Case - FEATHERWEIGHT!

$1,150 USD Compare at$1,350 USD

Composite carbon fiber cello cases have become the pinnacle of convenience and safety for all professional cellists (ask any you know, I bet they have carbon fiber!), and we're very pleased to offer this spectacular carbon fiber cello case at around $1000, since most are quite a bit more!  Made from a composite resin and carbon fiber, these cases are available in a variety of colors and finishes, even with clear finishes that show off the beautiful weave of the fiber. Only 7.5-8.9 lb!!!

Also consider the hybrid cello case which is still very lightweight! ***

EXTREMELY light weight, and extraordinarily strong, once you try one, you'll likely feel that your case - whatever it might be - is far too heavy.  Even with its light weight, it comes with a variety of handy carrying options:

- Backpack straps (removable)
- Carrying handles at side and top bout

The case also has Velcro-attached, fully adjustable and configurable pads, to customize the interior of your case so it PERFECTLY fits your cello.  Two bow holders, pocket for rosin/mute/tuner, and a handy suspension system that keeps the cello in minimal contact with the case.

StringWorks' founder/owner was so impressed, he 'quit' his prior GEWA fiberglass cello case (17lb) that he's had for over 22 years to change over to one of these cases, in a cool rust/orange color 

Barely 8 lbs, if you can believe it!  Truly this can be the last case you might ever have to buy in your cello career...

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