CodaBow Marquise GS Cello Bow

$1,555 USD


Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the MARQUISE GS is the standard-bearer of master bows. Designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows. Both advanced and organic fibers expertly blended bestow natural response, sensitivity, and beauty.

  • Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog 
  • Weight: Medium-Heavy 
  • Action: Moderate-Supple 
  • Strength: Medium-Soft

Years of crafting MARQUISEs has revealed one design in particular as the most requested. Its optimum balance, flexibility, and weight provides exquisite handling. Its breakthrough organic-fiber architecture expresses a warm, rich, powerful sound. High-sensitivity carbon fibers extending continuously from button to tip plate bestow in it a natural response and beauty. Referred to inside the workshop as the ‘Gold Standard’, this MARQUISE design appeals to discerning players more than any other and is the clear choice as the standard-bearer of the MARQUISE Experience.

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