Michael Todd III Violin, Special Edition

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These Michael Todd III Violins, in our Special Edition series, are each unique and extraordinary.  Some are made of European woods (as opposed to the Himalayan woods of the standard Michael Todd III violins) for extraordinary tone and beauty, and some are modeled from 16th century Italian master makers (Gasparo da Salo and Giovanni Paolo Maggini,  as shown on the photo featured on this page) versus the 17th and 18th century models of Stradivari.  Visually, they are most easily distinguished by double purfling, often with decorative purfling inlay on the back, for incredible visual appeal.  Contact us for availability, as each is unique.

The Michael Todd III violin is distinguished by a very sweet and tender richness to the tone. It is perfect for music of the Classical period such as Haydn and Mozart, as well as virtuosic Beethoven concertos, and has great warmth throughout each register.  A full, open and robust tone with excellent resonance.  A very dark G and D string, with lyrical A and E.

Despiau bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, aged Himalayan and/or European spruce and maple of the highest quality, hand-applied antiqued oil varnish. Each instrument setup for optimal tone with the StringWorks Setup using any of the following strings: Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, Tonica, Obligato, with ebony fittings and a composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners

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