NS Electric Violin

$1,269 USD Compare at$1,679 USD

This is our showroom model of the NXT4, not the NXT4a. Lightly used but in great condition.  

The NXT Series violin, available in 4 or 5 string versions, offers a great instrument on a limited budget - flawless workmanship at an incredible value - this is not just any electric violin!

  • The NXT is one of the lightest and most well balanced electric violins, critical for performance, while preserving strength and striking good looks. 
  • The Polar passive pickup, anything but passive, has higher output than most active systems. The result is unsurpassed dynamic range, clarity, and sheer power. Incredibly, this pickup has different settings for both lateral string vibration for bowing, and vertical vibration for pizzicato playing. The resulting sound retains the essential timbres of a fine acoustic violin, but can easily achieve any type of sound you prefer.
  • The NXT is also the first NS violin to have volume and tone controls that can send 100% of the instrument's signal to the amplifier. What does that mean?  A fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.
  • The NXT adjusts easily to any violinist's style, whether you use the custom shoulder rest, that adjusts to fit the body perfectly, or the revolutionary balanced shoulder rest that holds it in position for you. You can also adjust the string height—high and powerful, low and fast, or anywhere in between and experiment with any standard violin strings to create a unique sound and feel.

The NXT violin brings world-class design and craftsmanship to an affordable price range. With a visual appearance as striking as its sound, the NXT is an exciting partner for your acoustic.  


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