A "Soloist's" Profile: Meet Lorraine English

Cellist, StringWorks Customer, Double-Soloist Owner - Lorraine Hogle English has been a longtime customer and when she consigned her 1964 Roman Teller cello with us, we thought it would be great to do a feature on her. 
Lorraine Hogle began her cello studies with Belgian cellist Maria Rocap at age 14 and just four years later, she won the Florida West Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra’s Concerto Competition with the Boccherini Cello Concerto - on that same Roman Teller that we now have on consignment!  Her studies in Cello Performance continued with Italian Cellist and founding member of the New England String Quartet, Bruno DiCecco, at Florida State University, and with Barbara Worth (student of Janos Starker) at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
Besides music, Lorraine's other life was spent in management. She recently retired from the University of California at San Francisco as Clinical Supervisor of a 28 suite surgical unit.  In addition to managing surgeons and staff for regularly scheduled cases, Lorraine coordinated emergency cases and was a longtime member of the UCSF Liver Transplant Team.   Lorraine played in many symphonies in California but now calls Florida home.  In addition to bringing her management experience to the Venice Symphony Orchestra as Personnel Manager and cellist, she plays with the South Shore Symphony, Anna Maria Island Orchestra and Chorus, and the Sun City Chamber Players. She is also a part of the Music in the Schools Program and the two week long Summer Music Camp.
Our story picks up with her cellos, as she has used our Soloist cello for a number of years. When it came time for that second cello, she went with another Soloist! She uses the first, darker cello for orchestra playing and the brighter, more projecting Soloist III for solos and small groups. We are proud that our Soloist is able to keep up with a 50 year old cello of this caliber, and we can't wait for Lorraine to have the chance to compare her modern Soloist to the cello of her memories.  
Soloist Cello
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us, as you have the chance to call either of Lorraine's cellos  your own - the impressive Soloist or the refined and classic Roman Teller. To each their own, but for Lorraine (and many teachers) only a Soloist will do!  

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