Soloist III Cello

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Designed using the requests and preferences of our customers, our new Soloist III cello possesses a tremendous tone that is even across all strings, open and rich, with a sparkle seldom found in cellos under $5,000.00 A rich lower register combines with a brilliant and open upper register - the perfect combination for the more advanced cello repertoire.

Click HERE for 'Todd's Take' on the Soloist III cello

"I came away from my computer to find out what instrument [was being played], as it was vibrating the walls of the building - it's one of our new Soloists! They sound amazing!" -Todd French during an Evan play-test

"You know I had no doubts that you were a reputable company, but the big risk was to buy my Soloist cello sound unheard. I felt nervous because I wasn't even sure I knew what you meant when you described "bright", "dark" "open" "clean". The most astonishing thing is how you managed to get me a perfect match. Apart from your absolutely wonderful customer service - I've never experienced anything like it in all my life -your ability to match a client with a cello is uncanny. She's so much better than anything I tried out here. My teacher came and played it and she said exactly what you said about it : open, clean sound, balanced over the strings, easy to play. She also says it has lots of colors. She's says it's got a strong voice but not overwhelming THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!." - K.V.

A professional cellist offered his analysis of our Soloist cello HERE 

The Soloist III is set apart by striking woods, a beautiful, transparent hand-applied varnish, and an open tone with substantial resonance and evenness. Each entirely handmade and play tested to assure the highest quality tone and playability. The Soloist III cello is made of aged, select spruce and highly flamed maple, and finished in our own workshops with the StringWorks SetupMost importantly, each and every Soloist III cello is hand-selected by the company President from the workshop, assuring only the finest examples make it to our bench for setup.

Expansive, powerful projection

"Soloistic," rich, brilliant upper register

Deep, strong, edgy low end

Dense, intense tone

Ebony fingerboard, top quality Despiau bridge (Belgian standard, but French available by request), Larsen/Kaplan/Versum/Helicore strings, Wittner composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, New Harmony Music carbon fiber endpin. Available with ebony fittings.

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